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Sylac is founded in 1985 by Dr. K. Symeonides for the development and production of coatings and finishes for wooden surfaces. The company focuses on the design of coatings and finishes for furniture, parquet and exterior wooden surfaces. Sylac’s expertise lies in research and development of lacquers for professional application. During its lifetime the company places particular focus on the development of novel products and technologies. In recent years focus is placed on the development of novel UV coatings and water borne coating systems.

The company expands its operations. In 1996 the company, increases its production capacity with a new manufacturing plant, while in 2014 it further increases its capacity by expanding to two new sites in Greece.

Sylac coatings offer warmth, protect the wooden surface, offer high resistance to wear and tear and create uniform smooth finishes. The extensive product range is designed to cater to a variety of application methods and surface requirements. The company’s complete understanding of chemistry, and application methods allows a superior product offering for professional users.


We design

At Sylac we design, develop, and produce speciality coatings for wooden surfaces.


Provide solutions

We focus on industrial applications, designing products, creating “solutions”.


Design new products

We place a special focus and consideration on product development, designing new products.

Research and Development

At the forefront of technological developments in coating and finishes, we develop advanced systems, addressing specific customer needs and requirements, offering innovative product solutions to our customers. We place particular focus and consideration on product development, designing new products every day. At Sylac we believe in products that are innovative in providing solutions to specific customer needs thus excelling our products into more valuable tools for our customers. Particular focus is made in the development of innovative water based UV products with minimization of production cycles and top end resistance properties.

Two component (2K) water based finishes are developed offering an environmentally friendly alternative to solvent based finishes at the same level of resistance properties. Nanoparticles are utilized in coatings to enhance their properties functioning as hard spheres which act to protect the coating surface and excel their abrasion and resistance properties.

Environmental Protection

At Sylac we believe that protecting the environment is synonymous to protecting ourselves and our children. We translate our love for the environment into our everyday practices. Great focus is placed to ensure that all our processes are environmentally safe. Sylac is certified by ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Standard, whilst abiding to industry health and safety standards and regulations.

Quality Certification

 Iso Quality

Sylac is certified by ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Standard


The latest standards

We design, formulate and produce high quality products using the latest quality standards set by industry and regulators.

Competitive advantage

Sylac is a leading manufacturer of water based UV lacquer finishes. In our UV laboratory is installed the latest UV fully featured application lines on which we develop and test our latest innovations.

Varnishes with a superior silk satin finish which unveil the natural beauty of the wooden surface

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