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Quality Policy

(Read our Quality Policy in Greek)

Sylac S.A. has the knowledge and experience to design and manufacture varnish, allowing the company to undertake a very wide range of projects.With the impeccable co-operation of all implicated members (management, personnel, colleagues, suppliers, but most importantly its customers) Sylac guarantees the successful fulfillment of its task.

To achieve the above, Sylac management

  • Complies with ISO 9001:2015 international standard, a quality management system. The system is applied throughout company and all its members, and all its activities for the purpose of producing high quality products as determined by the company’s product description or the defined by the customer’s request as agreed and defined in written contractual agreements, which aim to increase customer satisfaction, always in accordance to legislation and product specific regulations.
  • Continuously reviews and improves the characteristics of its products and services, as well as the efficiency of its processes and therefore of the entire Quality Management System.
  • Sets measurable o:bjective objectives for quality at company level, at functional level of departments and / or processes as well as for products. These objectives are established and evaluated to the extent that they are achieved in the context of the Quality Management System Review by the Company’s Management.
  • Commits to providing the necessary resources (logistics-training-know-how) to meet the needs as they arise and are shaped by existing situations to the maximum of its potential.

Monitors, measures, evaluates critical parameters and processes to ensure the quality of its products. The principles of the System, as well as the objective goals for quality, are reviewed regularly by the Management of the Company in order to adapt to the new market needs and developments, the legislative requirements and to the achievement of the objectives for the continuous improvement of the Company’s operations.

It is also the responsibility of the Company’s Management to ensure that the Quality Policy is communicated, understood and enforceable by all the Company’s human resources as well as external customers, with the ultimate goal of continuous, steady growth of its business activity,  dedication to its principles and constant offering to customers top quality products and services


Inofyta 30.06.18

For the administation

Dr. (Ph.D.) K. Symeonides


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